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The Universe of the Vedas |

The Universe of the Vedas

Mukula Mudra – mudra for healing and increasing radiance Mukula Mudra can be practiced in two ways. Join the tip of five fingers to form a beak. Within a minute you will experience build up of energy at the tip of the beak. Redirect this energy to any body part that needs healing. You just need to touch that part and let the energy flow to the troubled body part. The second way is just about holding Mukula mudra for 5 minutes before each meal. This will eliminate toxins and purify Chakras.

MUDRA - Mukula Mudra: Mudra for Healing & Increasing Radiance. Mukula Mudra or Beak Mudra Can Be Practiced in 2 Ways.

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I practice and understand reflexology ~ Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood. In the process, reflexology not only quells the sensation of pain, but relieves the source of the pain as well.




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