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Brave Pet Stories: emergency

All the pets we treat are special to us. Here you can read the stories of just some of the brave patients that have visited our clinics.
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Our usually crazy, bouncy, young English Springer Spaniel Baxter was rushed to Vets Now Referrals Glasgow, suffering with severe heatstroke. Baxter was a very poorly pup indeed, and after a call from our usual vet, it was decided that he should be referred to Vets Now Referrals so that he could benefit from the specialist intensive care facilities required to give him the treatment he needed.


Simba is a typical cat, and loves his adventures. He spends most of the day climbing on the window sill in the kitchen, jumping out of window and round to the front door to be let in again! He has a good check we’re all there, then off he goes again! But one day, after one of his adventures Simba came home with a swollen leg and in a lot of pain.


When Gem ran into problems having her first litter of pups recently, her owner called his regular practice for assistance. Being out of hours, he was directed to Vets Now. Gem’s owner soon found that his initial concerns with the unfamiliar service were totally unfounded, with the Vets Now team proving to be “truly formidable”.


Naughty two year old terrier Sydney has a thing for stealing and eating objects, but when his owner, Sharon Mitchell, saw him chewing on the remains of a razor she knew there was a strong chance he’d swallowed the blades and called Vets Now Telford immediately.


Getting your first puppy can be an unnerving time. After taking Jake for his first check-up, his owners picked up a Vets Now card, which found its way to a fridge magnet on the fridge door. It stayed there until Saturday 15th June, when Jake was suffering repeated bouts of sickness, which gradually got worse. His owners were concerned, so called the Vets Now Kilmarnock.


My lovely Degu Vic, who had been expecting for a while, began giving birth but sadly 6 hours later and following 1 stillbirth, she was still struggling with rest of the litter. After a phone call to Vets Now Sheffield, I took her in for examination where delivery by caesarean section was advised.


Tomcat Peewee was rushed to Vets Now with a painful and life threatening blocked urethra


Bronte was rushed to Vets Now Referrals early last Monday morning after she sneakily stole a 250g packet of granulated xylitol off the kitchen counter. She managed to eat approximately half of the contents before her owner managed to prise it out of her mouth. Within 15 minutes Bronte vomited, became weak, uncoordinated and collapsed.


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