The Maangtika symbolises the Indian bride-- highlighting her 'maang' (forehead centre parting) full of sindoor to indicate her newly wedded status.

Go beyond the conventional maang tikka! Popularly known as the maang tikka ormaatha patti, bridal headpieces have undergone a beautiful transformation in the recent past.

Mangalsutra, as such, is not just a jewelry item, but a sacred thread of love and goodwill worn by married women, as a symbol of their successful marriage. An inevitable part of Hindu marriage ceremony, Mangalsutra refers to a revered symbol of wedlock.

An indian wedding bride and groom performing traditional rituals and customs at their ceremony.

Turbans are known for their beauty and elegance and are an essential part of the groom’s attire at Indian weddings.Turbans add a touch of royalty and grace to the outfit. According to olden belief, turbans are a symbol of self respect, prosperity and reflect the dynamic personality of a man. They also enhance the look of the groom on the big day.

Traditional indian wedding ceremony in Toronto, Ontario Indian Wedding by Banga Photography