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A gold openworked necklace, a Guluband, set with diamonds in sun and crescent moon decor and crowned with pearls. Suspended are small gold pendants each set with diamonds and suspended pearls. The reverse is decorated with polychrome safed chalwan enamel work in a flora land fauna motif. North India, Rajasthan, ca 1900

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A gold necklace, GUTTAPUSAL, set with precious stones and with suspended pearls Inia, Andra Pradesh, 19th century

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A set of gold bangles, Churin, decorated with dark blue enamel, Nil Zamin and red enamel, Khoon e Kabouter. These bangles where worn in sets of 2 or 3 pairs in different colors. India, Rajasthan, Jaipur, ca 1920

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A Gold Necklace, a ChampakaliA A flat wide collar, decorated with strung, stylised buds of the fragrant jasmine flower, executed in gold and embellished with stamped units, granulation and small gold balls. India, Maharastra, early 20th century

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