Anitha Shastry

Anitha Shastry

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Mushti Mudra – for releasing pent up emotions, aiding digestion and curing constipation Mushti is a Sanskrit word. Mushti means ‘closed hand’ or ‘fist’. Our body responds naturally to emotions like...

Mudra para atraer el amor. Este mudra activa la energía que crea el sentimiento de amor por ti mismo, a tus padres, hijos, amigos, cercanos y queridos, para él, para el sol, la luna, todos los seres vivos y el universo. Mantenga esta durante 3 minutos y decir este mantra dos veces: SAT NAM UAHEI GURU.

Lotus Mudra ~ heart chakra: I can feel my heart so well when I hold my hands like this, I love it.

We may not have control over how our days go and how the people around us act, but we do have control over how we let others’ energy affect us. Choose to be someone whose vibrations shoot off you like sunbeams, reaching out to every dark corner, illuminating anyone who needs it most.

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