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this is the killing part I approve of this kid wow... Original post here Response +1330 -152

I love that Tae is the cutest looking thing in the world but then he changes and his face says 'don't fuck with me' but trust me you wanna fuck with him

Red Dot Retro Dress - Animal Crossing New Leaf QR Codes

acnlapparel: “ Request style dress I loved the red polkadot dress so much I made one of my own based off another dress. I really love the low necklines. Vintage- even in Animal Crossing.

acnana: Tiny stuff mini shelf! I would love getting suggestions on what to put in these little shelves for you guys!

clover-stumps: “stepping stone qrs for november - november I am finally working more seasons/grass colors for these! “see the image only post here! find stepping stones in other seasons.

Animal Crossing QR Codes ❤

Animal Crossing New Leaf qr codes Awww it reminds me of Rose Tyler& dress from the episode of Doctor Who when they went to the