29 Inspirational Quotes to Lift You Up -

Prayer for wisdom

A prayer for when you seek wisdom. "By making me simple, by making me humble, by filling me with mercy.

Prayer for my family

I pray daily our blended families, their extended families, will find in the depth of their hearts to love each other.and leave behind all else. Thank you Dear God.

Prayer for a change of heart

Has your heart been hardened? Let this prayer inspire you ask God for help. Let God soften your heart. Let him set you free so you can love again. God can do anything to me and I'll be happy because I TRUST HIM THROUGH AND THROUGH!

Prayer for your life is falling apart . - # When it seems as if your life is falling apart, this prayer can encourage you to seek God. Many times the true battle is about how we see things. Let God change your heart and watch your life be transformed.

Prayer for a friend

Prayer for a new beginning

Do you need a fresh start? Ask God to restore you. God I made a lot mistakes in my past, I'm tired of beating my self up about it please please help me start fresh, start with a new beginning!