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a white chair sitting in front of a mirror next to a table with pillows on it
Four Must-Haves for the Dressing Table
Stealing away to nourish the skin, apply makeup, or enjoy quiet reflection refreshes both body and spirit. The radiance cultivated during these treasured moments often lasts far longer than the modicum of time set aside for such luxurious pleasures. Curate your own oasis from which to while away the morning in preparation, using our list of four necessities as inspiration. Discover our dressing table must-haves at
two blue and white cakes sitting on top of each other next to cups and saucers
@victoriamagazine on Instagram
Intricately decorated in the time-honored Blue Fluted pattern by Royal Copenhagen, these delightful confections by Maison Olivia satisfy our love for blue-and-white as well as our sweet tooth! Find glorious inspiration from around the globe by following Victoria on Instagram at | Photo: Maison Olivia
white flowers in vases and other decorative items on a lace tablecloth with an antique box
Frost from the Sea: Mother-of-Pearl
One pearly collectible boasts a story that has been woven by Mother Nature herself. From amid all the ocean's mysteries, this shining substance springs forth, adorning myriad objects with its beauty. Learn more about the origins of mother-of-pearl and take a peek at our lovely collection of iridescent tokens at
an image of a book with tassels on it and the title, legacy of luxury
Legacy of Luxury
From spangles and soutaches to galloons and gimps, passementerie has a language all its own, one that esteemed British design house Watts of Westminster speaks fluently. For nearly a century and a half, Watts1874 has built a reputation for bespoke textiles, trims, and wallcoverings for both secular and ecclesiastical clients. See more about these elegant textiles at
there is a bed in the room with many pillows on it and an old dresser
Where Love Resides
In a cozy South Carolina city, one family dwells in the same abode that caught their eye upon first visiting. The former Presbyterian manse now brims with carefully restored antiques, including some items sourced by Melissa Hiner of Boxwood Interiors in Aiken. See more of this historic cottage at
the beauty of home cabbages & roses by victoria victoria book review and giveaway
The Beauty of Home: Cabbages & Roses
Awash in soft shades of pink, this cozy, curtained nook is the perfect example of the design possibilities that lie within even the smallest of spaces when using signature fabrics from Cabbages & Roses. Discover inspiration for feathering one's nest from this quintessentially British brand at
a bed room with a neatly made bed
a dining room table with chairs and a chandelier
Marsha Mason’s Secrets for Creating a Gracious Home
In the process of reviving a long-neglected property for her family, Marsha Mason also discovered a new career. Her dramatic transformations of cottage and garden drew the admiration of friends, who began asking for her input on their renovations. In this exclusive web feature, the interior decorator of Wildwood Designs offers five design secrets for cultivating environs that exude a sense of welcome at
a porch with two chairs and a table on the front lawn, in front of a white house
A Gathering Place
The cool, deep eaves of a peaceful porch provide a welcome reprieve from summer’s heat and offer space to gather with friends or savor something sweet. See more of the airy environs of Anne Monfore’s summer cottage at
a book cover with an image of pillows and blankets on shelves in front of a window
Patriotism in Patchwork
Love of country is reflected in the red, white, and blue patriotic motifs of antique coverlets collected by Dallas-based textile enthusiast Suzanne Hardebeck. Each precious heirloom symbolizes a nostalgic connection to the past. Learn more at
an ornate dining room with fancy chandeliers and antique furniture in the middle of it
French Quarter Curios: Keil’s Antiques
In the Crescent City, antiques stores dot the map like crystals hung from a grand chandelier. One—Keil’s Antiques—stands out as a timeless bastion of elegance, being both family owned and operated for nearly 125 years, and recognized early on as a mecca for antiques in the South. Read more in our July/August issue or at
an old china cabinet filled with plates and bowls
a large bed sitting in a bedroom next to a table with a lamp on it
Perchance to Dream
When Marie Antoinette draped her private quarters at Versailles in brocade, toile, and silk, she wished to surround herself with the most beautiful furnishings. Taking inspiration from that elegant neoclassical period, this bedroom was designed to be the ultimate French–style boudoir. See more of its splendor at
two kittens sitting in a basket on top of a table next to a lamp
lavender flowers with the words five ideas for incorporating lavender into your day
Five Ideas for Incorporating Lavender into Your Day
Cherished for its captivating color, irresistible fragrance, and therapeutic virtues, lavender introduces an unmistakable aura of peace into one’s world. Whether deliciously incorporated into recipes, bath products, or one’s décor, these humble buds are sure to enchant. Discover five of our favorite ways for using its charm in everyday life at