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a washer and dryer in a small room with shelves on the wall above them
Вариант хранения над стиралкой
an image of a washer and dryer in the same room with measurements for each shelf
Standard Laundry Room Dimensions | Outdoor Laundry Rooms Small
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a washer sitting next to a plant in a room with white walls and tile flooring
a washer sitting next to a window in a room with green walls and wooden floors
MOYIPIN 3-Tier Drum Washing Machine Storage Rack Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Rack Above The Toilet, Multi-Functional,Bearing Strong, Adjustable Storage Rack, White
a washer and dryer are shown with measurements
313.99US $ |Yy All-in-one Cabinet Bathroom Cabinet Combination Washing Machine Cabinet Quartz Stone Inter-platform Basin With Washboard - Storage Holders & Racks - AliExpress