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Asuras Wrath 阿修罗之怒, Qi Sheng Luo

阿修罗是天龙八部众之一,是欲界天的大力神,易怒好斗。男阿修罗丑,女阿修罗美。记载中的阿修罗千头千眼,身形巨大,一般塑像中有三头六臂,或者一头三眼六臂。我做的这个是基于一个虚拟的故事,阿修罗于帝释天的某次战争。阿修罗的妻子被杀害,女儿被掳走,因此爆发了宏大的复仇战争。这个图就是表现阿修罗在妻子被杀害后的画面。情节跟同名游戏差不多,不过我是做的过程中才查了游戏的百科的~~实属巧合。 Asura is a powerfull demi-god described in Buddha texts,he’s one

Anunnaki Ancient Alien Indus Valley Vimana Epics Explained

History Of The Indian Vimana Epics of the Anunnaki Ancient Alien Gods in India's Indus Valley in the Hindu Vimana Ramayana and Baharata Epics


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The Great Hindu Mythology By Sanchari Bhattacharya

Do Hindus Believe In God ? The fundamental difference between the East and the Western civilization is that the Oriental people spe...

Linga Bhairavi

Linga Bhairavi is the most exuberant expression of the Divine Feminine, consecrated by Sadhguru at the Velliangiri Foothills

Hydra Cave by PatrickMcEvoy on DeviantArt

Here's a T-Shirt design I did last month, and just released in the UK (so far) from Spiral Direct. You can find it here: [link] They've also still got t... Hydra Cave

Vishnu Everywhere

Vishnu Avatar Half Man Half Lion Lord Narsimha defeated demon Hiranyakashipu to save Lords sincere devotee Prahlad maharaj. Bhagavad Purana

Lord Shiva summons Virabhadra by nairarun15 on DeviantArt

Hare Krsna everyone, I decided to draw another epicness, and if you are interested to know the context in which this painting was done, plz read below: ... Lord Shiva summons Virabhadra

Natraja Shiva

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Meaning & Significance of Maha Shivaratri - Mantra Sastra

Siva Ratri importance, real meaning, Shiva-Shakti mariage explained in yoga terms. Purpose of fasting, staying awake (Jagaran), meditating on this night. Lingam is sine wave, Siva is electron.

Krishna and the Serpent The Johnson Galleries Reprint 0

Krishna and the Serpent poster size print by Howard David Johnson. Archival quality limited edition art canvas & photo art prints with FREE shipping & 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

unwaj inferno card game by paulobarrios on DeviantArt

muy pronto ... puntos de venta en sudamerica : [link] gracias nicolas ! unwaj inferno card game