Covered ; machine embroidery, canvas and mixed media on cut wood panel ; 46" X 24" #art #deeannrieves

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Tzuri Gueta is a innovator in technologies for textiles. Having consulted for Armani, Dior, Mugler, and Gaultier, he has launched his own collection of accessories incorporating lace and silicon, and laser cut textiles.

Emma McNally. cartographical polyrhythms, a footprint suggesting that something was once present, or felt, or otherwise important. In the main work in this exhibition, Field 4, McNally seeks to create a sort of non-hierarchic multiple 'space', with no stable or definable boundaries, incorporating the micro-cosmos of the atom and the macro-cosmos of the star formation in a complex junction, intersection or spatial hybrid. Enfolding and unfurling, humming composite polyrhythmic spaces emerge

Nick Relph: Tomorrow There Is No Recording

Nick Relph: Tomorrow There Is No Recording - Nick-Relph-at-Chisenhale-Gallery_14

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