Tea time.

Mint tea is a specialty of Morocco. It is sweetened green tea with mint leaves. Add an orange slice. Yes, but the pot and glasses are beautiful!


Set of Lily pad coasters and lily flowers ceramic green leaf Summer time Waterlily emerald green MADE TO ORDER


Beautiful silhouettes and colors. Pitchers by Stefaniu Vasques for Diamantini & idea Furniture


ART HISTORY PROJECT - ART THROUGH TIME - Tis could be a really neat clay slab project if u found those inexpensive clock hands and per cut the holes for them. Even just abstract with a circle in the center to represent a clock face.

ceramics - pick an element and repeat

Water Works

Ceramica de Maria Moyer platelets, unglazed porcelain and blue wash. My kitchen needs this!

maria kristofersson.

Contemporary ceramics by Maria Kristofersson

The natural lines and beautiful imperfections of Maria Kristofersson’s contemporary ceramics really speak to me. Patinas, minimal patterns, and textures add a delicate complexity to the simple colors and shapes of her work. These are true heirloom pieces.

Limoncello ~ Italia

The Amalfi Coast – leave your map behind

I saw these exact dishes in Positano, Denise. Their lemons are the size of naval oranges and the limoncello is divine! The Amalfi area is famous for its production of lemons – and for the limoncello liqueur

bespoke artisan kitchen accessories the design is in the details Current work by Brooklyn-based American woodworker and sculptor Ariele Alasko. via the artist's site