Tuareg rings.

Tuareg Rings “Finger rings ‘tisek’ are passed between Tuareg women and men as signs of affection. Those with carnelian setting are believed to have the same properties as ‘tanfouk’ pendants in healing.

India | Nosering ~ 'nath' ~ gold, rubies, glass, crystal, pearls and turquoise | 19/20th century.  Madhya Pradesh, Central India. - loved & pinned by www.omved.com

ndia Nosering 'nath' gold rubies glass crystal pearls and turquoise century Madhya Pradesh Central India

India | Gold bracelet set with rubies | 19th century | Probably from south India

Gold bracelet set with century, the form also is reminiscent of ruby-set gold bangles from Ava in Burma - M