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A beautiful mind - One of the best movie I have watched. Excellent acting by Russell Crowe.

A Beautiful Mind is a biographical drama movie that was released in 2001 and directed by Ron Howard. It stars Russell Crowe, Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly. The film is based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate awardee in the field of Economi.

Official lyric video for Katy Perry's "Part of Me" debuted at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards and available on her upcoming March 26, 2012 album 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection'.

Katy Perry - Part Of Me (Lyric Video). Official lyric video for Katy Perry's "Part of Me" debuted at the 2012 GRAMMY Awards and available on her 2012 album 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection'.

Book one of the Mistborn Trilogy – Mistborn: The Final Empire was awesome. Book two – The Well of Ascension was a little dull. With the final book of Mistborn Trilogy – Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson had a lot to take care of. Not only he had to answer all the questions raised in the previous book, he also had to pen a perfect ending to the trilogy. After reading Hero of Ages, I have to say, Brandon Sanderson has totally delivered.

The Hero of Ages, Brandon Sanderson is the climax of the Mistborn trilogy, where everything comes together, and the final decisions are made. It comes to a brilliant conclusion, 'unexpected yet inevitable.' A most satisfying ending to an epic series.

The new single, Charlie Brown, from Coldplay's chart-topping album Mylo Xyloto.

Listen to Coldplay - Charlie Brown. Listen to any Coldplay for that matter, or listen to all of it. This is my definitive favorite band of my life.

Nice movie. Michael Shannon delivers a powerhouse performance. It is a nice movie.

- Take Shelter, w/ Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain, directed by Jeff Nichols. Plagued by a series of apocalyptic visions, a young husband and father questions whether to shelter his family from a coming storm, or from himself.

Angry Birds Seasons - A fun, ever expanding game.

Celebrate CNY with Angry Birds Seasons as they released a vibrant red CNY theme update called Year of the Dragon!

(Bartimaeus) "I wanted to wake you straightaway, but I knew I had to wait several hours to ensure you were safely recovered."    (Nathaniel) "What! How long has it been?"    (Bartimaeus) "Five minutes, I got bored."    That’s Bartimaeus to you; the wisecracking djinni who retunes in The Golem’s Eye which is the sequel to The Amulet of Samarkand of The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Those who have read my review of The Amulet of Samarkand know that I was not impressed by it, just mildly entertained. But…

All about The Golem's Eye by Jonathan Stroud. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers

Mistborn introduces a perfect system of magic, it is not exactly magic but more of a science or I should say alchemy. There is burning of metal, calculation, negative reactions, metal combination etc. Brandon Sanderson has obviously spent some time in devising this system. It a perfect and there aren’t many loopholes in it.

Mistborn: The Final Empire, Book 1 of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Brandon is such a gifted writer. This series is such a unique work of literature.

One of the best novel that I have read. It is also one of the novel that I read again and again every few months.

Rewind some 70 years, and discover AJ Cronin graphically blowing the whistle on the corrupt medical establishment in his sweeping autobiographical novel The Citadel.

The next best Batman game.

Batman: Arkham City builds upon the intense, atmospheric foundation of Batman: Arkham Asylum, sending players soaring into Arkham City, the new maximum security "home" for all of Gotham City's thugs, gangsters and insane criminal masterminds.