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You have been told for long to ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ for optimum health. You may want to give your diet chart an overhaul. It is argued that the concept of ‘eating breakfast like a king’ was coined by the profit-driven cereal industry. “It had nothing to do with health, or the need of the body,” says nutritionist Anju Venkat. “Our body cycle comprises three functions — appropriation, digestion and elimination — for maintaining life. These…

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The 10th day of the harvest festival is celebrated with great fanfare in Malayali homes. Elaborate rituals, games and fairs are followed by customary food which involves an exquisite spread of delicacies spread out on a banana leaf. Traditionally known as the onam sadhya, this feast involves 40 dishes which are served to guests and is a nine course meal. Payasam, avial, banana halwa are some of the traditional dishes that are prepared on this auspicious day which is also a great o…

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