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Abudecay (n.) - The phenomenon in which a friendship whittles away because neither person wants to text or call first after not having spoken in a while. One Word Quotes, Wonderful Words, Meaningful Words, Deep, Pretty Words, New Words
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Optimaskus (n.) – The state of choosing to view bad life experiences positively in an effort to reduce stress and grow as a person. Positive Quotes, Life Experiences, Bad Life, Quote
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Alemurity (n.) – The desire to reconnect with one’s childhood self while still somehow holding onto the idea of what it is to be a civilized, responsible adult. Ideas, Feelings Words, Beautiful Words
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Zirgwè (n.) – The hopelessness felt after trying multiple life or career paths and still not knowing what to do in life. True Words, Uncommon Words
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Hyompora (n.) - The sense of serene connectedness experienced while listening to the flowing of water.
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Aviothic (n.) – The strong desire to be up in the air or to fly. Inspiration, Fotos, Zitate, Ord, Pretty Quotes, Kata-kata
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Altermapid (n.) – The nagging feeling that one lives in the wrong state or country.
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