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mural, Vasudeva , Krishna's father carrying krishna to his foster home.

Kerala Mural,Vasudev carries baby Lord Krishna across the raging Yamuna river on a stormy night, painting in the folk art style

An-Exhibition-on-Kerala-Mural-Paintings_East-Coast-Road_Chennai_1.jpg 349×480 pixels

An-Exhibition-on-Kerala-Mural-Paintings_East-Coast-Road_Chennai_1.jpg 349×480 pixels

Ragini - Mural painting by artist Aneesh Mepate (Mepate Murals) #AneeshMepate, #KeralaMurals, #MepateMurals, #guruvayur, #Art, #KeralaMuralArt, #kerala_Murals, https://www.facebook.com/Mepate.Murals

Ragini - Mural painting by artist Aneesh Mepate (Mepate Murals)…


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Lord Shiva - Reprint on Paper - 17.75 x 10 inches - Unframed

Ardhanarishwar - Shiva Shakti (Reprint on Paper - Unframed .


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