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all poems from my blog- english,hindi,limericks,haiku etc shalll befalll under this.
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Sachin Tendulkar poetry is my self invented poetry genre. It aims to bring out the nostalgia of sachin's era. All poems in this genre are made & themed to honor Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

poetry & tribute - ' i am myself' It aims to rekindle confidence,belief and skills of a person.

THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG One of my four year old poem and dedication to wish Birthdays to all people. it has 'Everyone is special' motif! Enjoy reading the rhyme with solace This post is meant to serve joy to all people who either get stumble to this poetry or get tagged to serve themselves special with pride! on their special day! 'happy birthday' to all who read it.

Poem - 'The moment' : Reading tags- fate, destiny, moment,times, nostalgia,reminiscence, apex of life

Poem - 'To do the right thing' This poem is one of my most favorite & finest of creations. It’s written to inspire, encourage and amplify people’s inner voices. I have faith! that once your done reading this aloud & repeatedly, ( not sermonizing!) a positive effect will bind you and we shall connect as a writer & a reader. Hopefully!, my message will get through and so will my expressions. It’s aimed to revive the righteousness of a person.