Girl in India by Joe Routon on The Eyes of Children around the World India © Joe : Gorgeous little sister!

Original Peacock Bird PALETTE KNIFE painting by Karensfineart

This original oil painting is painted impasto style with palette knife in bright colors by artist Karen Tarlton on canvas in my signature style.


R Rajkumar Sthabathy An interesting blend of messiness and precision, making for a compelling painting

'water bearer' one of the paintings from the Rajasthani Series inspired by my visit to India.

'Water Bearer', one of the paintings from the Rajasthani Series by Helen Pakeman, inspired by her visit to India.

Palkhi, a unique feature of Maharashtrian culture, is a 1000-year-old tradition followed by the warkaris (people who follow the wari, a fundamental ritual). People collectively go singing and dancing, chanting Dnyanoba-Tukaram in what are called as Dindis (organised group of warkaris) to the holy town of Pandharpur in Hindu months of Ashadh (June-July) and Karthik (November-December).The Palkhi starts in the month of Jyeshth (June) and the whole process lasts a total of 22 days. Every year…

Palkhi Tradition, Pandharpur, India In pursuit of salvation

Gypsy Purple Loves.......

Rajasthani Women performing morning prayers in Jodhpur. Traditions and values are deep rooted in Rajasthan.