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Visual Identity, Hair Type, Visual, Identity, Projects, Oils
MAYIKA TAILAM | Visual Identity | HAIR OIL
the logo for arcland towards innovative structures is shown in front of two skyscrapers
ARCLAND | Brand Identity Design | Architect Firm
Art, Bengal
Bengal Pattachitra | Illustration
an image of a man and woman in the middle of a painting with words bengal patua artformm
various stickers that are on the side of a purple background with words and pictures
Stickers pack | Illustration
an image of a poster with the words dears and dears written on it
Illustrative Letterings 2022
a large poster with many different types of food on it's sides and the words,
The Hindu God Family Tree – Veritable Hokum
an image of some people doing different things in the sky with flowers and leaves around them
Art Deco | Illustrations
Art Deco | Bharatanatayam
an image of art deco with red and orange dresses
Art Deco | Illustrations
four children's faces with the words hedi above them
Heidi - carious mediums
an image of a cartoon plant in a pot with the caption that says, this represents negative things
Kawai concept art
Graphic Design Illustration
Kawai - sibling dreamland
Kawai - Krishna
Kawai - Krishna
two cartoon characters are in an outer space station looking at each other with eyes wide open
Kawai - Spaceship
four different pictures of cartoon characters with black and white background, one has an image of a
KAWAI | Illustrartions