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Ask Some Important Questions to Yourself before Using Safety Signs

Top 5 Health And Safety Hazards In A Construction Site

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The construction industry accident, injury and fatality rate stand over double that of the other industries. However, hazards and dangers related to construction sites are recognized. Most of the responsible business owners are well aware of their duty of care to workers, employees, site visitors and everyone

oday, Health and safety is an important issue for all organizations and companies, and when accidents happen and workers &employees are injured, the consequences can be very disastrous. In recent times, managers and supervisors are under substantial pressure to make sure that any danger facing their workforce is managed effectively.

All working places and jobs have some health risks or dangers, but some are minors and some are more serious. Minor dangers are like slipping hazard in the break room by the tea or coffee machine, eye damage due to use of a computer, etc, but dangerous hazards, includes galling from heights, crashing into a burning explosion, squashed under heavy machines and equipments.