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a line graph with the word latency on it and an arrow pointing up to the bottom
Three Types of VoIP Delay
Addressing and Correcting VoIP Latency Latency refers to the time it takes a transmitted audio signal to reach its destination....
a person in a business suit is holding a phone and typing on a laptop while sitting at a desk
Desk Phones Still Popular, Despite Rising Mobile Trends
RingCentral conducted a survey to determine which call devices people prefer. The researchers sampled 505 business professionals and gleaned surprising...
a person holding a cell phone in their hands with the word iop on it
How Mobile VoIP Benefits Smartphone Users
Mobile VoIP Features and Applications Earlier this week, we resolved to investigate BYOD, assessing its practicality and limitations in the...
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Should You Implement a BYOD Plan?
What is BYOD? BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. In terms of business telecommunications, it would involve end-users using...
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Select the Best Hold Music for Your Phone System
a close up of a keyboard with the words toll - free number on it's keys
Why Your Business Needs a Toll-Free Virtual Number
the value of a missed call and how to recover from one
How to Calculate What a Missed Call Costs Your Business
a man sitting at a desk using a laptop computer with the text how to plan for a new host in home system
Is Your Business Ready for a Hosted Phone System?
two cell phones sitting next to each other on top of a table with the caption compability
Compare 2021's Best Home Phone Providers in Canada
Responsive SaaS Platforms for Mobile Devices
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk
Compare 2021's Best Home Phone Providers in Canada
The term cloud computing comes up a lot these days. In short, it refers to the act of connecting with online services to store and manage data. Through cloud computing, businesses can streamline processes and find resources tailored to niche demands. Providers host solutions for all industries and applications. Most...
a woman wearing headphones with music notes behind her and the words select the best hold music for your phone system
View Full Canada Telecom Providers Directory
Music on hold reduces the perceived time waiting in a call queue. AT&T found that a 30-second wait without background music feels more like 90 seconds. Considering wait times average 38 seconds, businesses should purge silence from their phone system. After all, most callers abandon queues around the 2-minute mark....
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The History of the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) Blog Post Feature Image
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Return to Hosted PBX Features List Notification PBX Feature Notifications alert users when specific events happen, such as a new voicemail or an added conference participant. Ideally, in receiving these messages, users can tend to events and process subsequent actions faster (i.e. follow-up email). Not just this, but the notification...
an image of a map with the names of different places to go on it and where they are located
Return to Hosted PBX Features List Conference PBX Feature The Conference PBX feature accommodates up to 10 participants, all of whom may speak in and listen to the hosted conversation. Users setup a conference room prior to inviting guests—they must distribute notifications outside of the system—as each member requires a...
an image of a map with different places to go in the city and where you can see it
Return to Hosted PBX Features List Text-to-Speech and Audio Playback PBX Features While the PBXww interface supports voice recording and uploading, some users may prefer to write their greetings and convert the scripts into something audible using speech-to-text. There are many reasons a user might wish to do so: High-Quality...