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Even though you understand English and write pages of it as a student or professional, you may still be feeling inhibited in speaking it.

Pune | पुणे

There are many who suggest ways to improve living conditions, social behavior and personal health and hygiene. Many of them also live up to their own suggestions.

Miles to Run Before I Sleep is the true story of Sumedha Mahajan, a married, working woman who undertook an extraordinary journey. At an age when most women worry about household finances and the responsibilities starting a family, she wanted to break the mould and follow her dreams.

This book is an engaging description of real life situations that can be handled with some reel life nudges.

The Indian women in a myriad roles and situations is reflected in this collection of stories.

Relevant both for entry-level job seekers and those planning a change, Winning the Right Job - A Blueprint to Acing the Interview shows you how to approach a potential employer and answer questions on attitudes, life skills, ambitions and expectations.

Shaniwar Wada