As I mentioned in this post , dudhi/ lauki/ Bottlegourd is a versatile and low calorie vegetable that works well in a variety of curries. M...

Bottlegourd dhal ~ Bottlegourd with mung bean curry ~ Quick, nutritious and easy side dish for flat bread.

daal maharani recipe

Daal Maharani : A simple,mildly spiced and rustic pigeon pea and split black lentil curry.

lauki chana daal subzi

Maayeka - Authentic Indian Vegetarian Recipes: Lauki Chana Daal Subzi (Bottle gourd cooked with lentils)


Dal Tadka Recipe, Dal Fry Recipe, Mung Dal Recipe and paneer recipes are very popular in India. Most of the Indian Vegetarian Dishes are very popular and del.

Andhra style raw mango dal | kache aam ki dal | The Veggie Indian

Raw mango dal

Tangy, flavoruful lentil curry caleld Mamidikaya Pappu in local language. Cooling, fiber rich dish, served with rice or roti for a well balanced meal