Simple Beads Chain 24 Grams | Jewellery Designs

Simple Beads Chain 24 Grams

Three layers of south sea pearls, rubies and emeralds and gold beads combination light weight long chain with 22 carat gold antique work .

Diamond Ear Chains

Diamond Ear Chains or Mattis

Diamonds ear chains, diamond mattis will be a dazzling show of light on your ears. Floral and carefree in design its just the type of accessory from vbj

Diamond Eartops

Diamond Eartops

3 Step Lightweight Gundla Haram

3 Step Lightweight Gundla Haram

3 step gold beaded chain or gundla mala in 22 carat with peacock side clasps and adorned with rubies and emeralds in lightweight design.

Gold with pearl

EDWARDIAN Laureate Ring in Gold & Pearl "A delicate ring symbolising honour & friendship.

The 3 line fresh water pearls mala paired with royal nizami kundan pendant in 22 carat gold. The classic pearls rani haram with kundans