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The Supporter

Supporters have strong interpersonal skills and are great at building relationships but generally poor at knowing how to use their ability to create sustainable wealth in a way that's fun for them. Examples of supporters who have discovered the secrets to their profile are Meg Wittman and Jack Welch.
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's father thought he was "nuts" to tie his fortune to high tech. - See more at:


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Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics SUPPORTER Profile Recommendations

There are only 8 types of Entrepreneurs according to the Wealth Dynamics Profile types. Here is the third type: The Supporter. Supporters are great leaders and have no problem connecting with others. The question is where is it all leading to? Their winning formula is leading from the front one play at a time, instead of trying to hold onto the creative process or number crunching. Examples being Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch and Meg Whitman. Read more -

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Iconic business identity, and former Chairman and CEO of GE tells London Business School students to be bold, speak with candour and build great teams to succeed in the future corporate careers. - See more at:

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Passionate users of eBay give CEO Meg Whitman feedback; Whitman discusses acquisitions. - See more at:

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Roger Hamilton explaining Wealth Dynamics Supporters. See more at:


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