Mountain Man coat

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Blanket Capote Patterns - Make your own wool blanket capote — The NMLRA
an advertisement for the hudson bay capote and green river forest
Capote Coat Patterns | Patterns For You
the sewing pattern for a coat is shown
Koszula - Hunting Frock #nativeamericanculturelegends 047
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Man's Shirt | Crow | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
War Dress, Kleding, Indians
Brooklyn Museum
an image of a piece of cloth with feathers on it
a piece of cloth with feathers hanging from it's sides and on the wall
an old piece of cloth with fringes and scissors on a wooden stick in front of a white wall
Plains Indians War Shirts -
the diagram shows how to make an apron with two hands and one hand on it
Making a Medieval Style Shirt | The Art of Making Things