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Factors that lead to a successful pond: To minimize the cost of material and of labor, you can create the pond yourself. Utilize the materials you have and you can gather rocks, gravel and wild plants in your vicinity. You do not need exotic and one of a kind flora and fauna for your pond. Do not use rocks that have been exposed to chemicals.

How to Create a Wildlife Pond

A beautiful wildlife pond will attract a whole host of beneficial animals, birds and insects. Make one with sloping sides, to allow easy access for creatures to come and go, and leafy edges that offer habitat and cover.

Wildlife pond; Make a pond melt into the surrounding area with considered planting, so that it reveals itself as a pleasant natural surprise

Kategils Pond: A Wildlife Pond With Smooth Pebble Beach, Designed And Built With Wildlife In Mind

Make a wildlife friendly pond with a range of plants and shallow beach. Find out how at Photo by Jason Ingram