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15 Funny Facial Changes using Face paintings by makeup artist Ellie Lewis

There are many talents scattered around us and one among them is an aspiring makeup artist Ellie Lewis. Ellie is from Merseyside,England and has done her studies in filmmaking. She started doing makeup for her university friends which she loved very much and gradually developed an interest in it . This passionate makeup artist is

Beautiful Bonding of Mongolian Eagle Keepers and their Birds by Daniel Kordan

Mongolian nomads are famous for their Falconry that is hunting wild animals with the help of trained bird of prey. The Mongolians mostly used golden eagles as their animal of prey.

15 Beautiful Macaron Cookies in Starwars characters by Baker Katrina Moon

Edible art, doesn't that sound so sweet !

30 Most Beautiful and Colorful Chicken Images from around the world

Chicken could never be our answer for beautiful species of bird yet it cannot be denied that there are a lot of breeds of beautiful chicken found around the world.

20 Funny Illustrations of Alberto Arni brings life to Fruit Images

Artists have the creativity to bring life into simpler objects which otherwise is just an ordinary piece found around us. Mexican artist Alberto Arni presents us fruits with expressions which turn out to be hilarious living characters. Alberto adds little curves of illustrations to the photos of fruits that bring life to the fruit.&nbsp

Laughter is Best Medicine 30 Funny Comic illustrations and Jokes

Life is too short to be angry and sad forever, laugh a lot and read comics. Get rid of those morning blues or lockdown blues, enjoy these funny comic illustrations. Did you know that the first marvel comics was created in 1939 in New York?

20 Beautiful UFO Pictures and Interesting Facts - UFOs Do they exist

20 Beautiful UFO Pictures and Interesting Facts UFOs Do they exist?

UFOs are they real? We have grown up listening to various stories of UFO sightings and yet it's still debatable. Many say there are aliens living amongst us who came to earth on those UFOs. When we think of an UFO, the one thing that comes to our mind are large saucer shaped objects floating in the sky.

20 Funny Candid Photography works for you Expect the Unexpected

Whenever I see a fly, I try to swat it away, but look at this absolutely adorable cat trying to have a conversation with a common housefly. It's very difficult to capture funny candid photos, since those moments are once in a lifetime shot.

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20 Funny and Interesting Gadgets from designers

The term “gadgets", is a small electronic or mechanical tool, especially an ingenious or novel one or a wide range of devices. Any objects in the kitchen, entertainment, self-care, and more that can make the work easier are gadgets. Devices are getting more portable and smaller day by day. They play a vital role in our lives.

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15 Beautiful White Peacock Pictures with its Dazzling Feathers

Spectacular spreading of feathers by male peacock is an impressive sight to watch even if it is plain white feathered peacock. The white peacock is native to India but now it is bred in various parts of the world too.

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30 Funny Pants where designers have come up with crazy ideas

Pants or Trousers are an item of clothing that might have originated in Central Asia, worn by both genres from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately. A special form of pants called Jeans, made of denim, for casual wear widely worn all over the world by both men and women.

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25 Funny Chocolate Pictures and Unusual chocolate sculpture ideas around the world

Looking at these funny chocolate pictures, reminds us of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. Remember the chocolate cottage and all you can eat chocolate buffet. Except for the wicked with who lived in there, it's one of the favorite fairy tales amongst kids. Chocolate making is a creative art for many bakers.

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30 Funny Lights Oddly Brighten your space with these funny light designs

At the end of the day, we all like to wind up in a quiet corner either with our books or gadgets. Some people have taken it to a fun level with their home furnishings with funny lights. You literally can read the funny light's mind. Odd shaped funny light designs seem to be the norm these days.

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20 Of The Most Funniest Business Card Designs Ever

Worried about potential clients throwing away your business cards and polluting the environment. Say no more, we have environment friendly business cards and these are edible. Look at what kind of funny business cards we have stumbled upon. Some of these graphic designers have exceptional creativity.

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Beautiful Whale Pictures by Australian Photographer Jasmine Carey

Australian photographer Jasmine Carey has a deep connect with marine life and spends most of her time underwater bringing out the stunning beauty of whales. Jasmine makes us taste the salt of the sea and brings the majestic mammal in front of our eyes through her photographs.

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20 Most Beautiful and Colorful Duck Images from around the World

Ducks are one of the commonly known and lovably sociable birds in the world. There are 120 species of ducks found around the world, and few of them are very popular with their spectacular beauty. Ducks are admired not only for their beauty but also for their mischievous behaviors. Amongst all species, the male mandarin ducks are c