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a chalkboard with an apple, pencils and books on it that says ten things i would tell myself as a first year teacher
10 Things I Would Tell Myself As a First Year Teacher
10 Things I Would Tell Myself As a First Year #Teacher.
mason jars filled with flowers hanging on a wall
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Homemade all natural Baby wash and shampoo. Simple, safe, and frugal!
a bulletin board with pictures and plants on it that says guess the reader above them
Library Displays
Pictures of teachers holding their favorite book in front of their faces. Kids have to guess who's behind the book! I love this idea!! It would be fun to do with the whole year group sometime and see what the kids are reading.
a black and white photo with the words if a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should
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I love this. Can I post this to Orrville High School? I am not a kid who fits in the box our schools created- but that does not by any means imply that I am stupid. I'm not. I just learn differently.
the teacher bill of rights is shown in an old style paper with writing on it
The Teacher Bill Of Rights