Ghost in the machine

Collection by Weiyi Wang

Weiyi Wang

C.U.R.E , Mohamed Gadi

A husband in a search for a Cure for his sick wife through the galaxy , it's that simple ,, Scroll for more

Sci Fi Soldier!!!

X soldier

3D STUDIO MAX 제압하기 (3DS MAX, ZBRUSH, MAYA, 게임엔진) : 네이버 카페

W.A.S.P., Marco Plouffe (Keos Masons)

Full-size here: Turntable of the sculpt here: Here's a Keyshot render of my W.A.S.P. Zbrush sculpt with some post-prod texture and effects

ArtStation - Dark Steel!!, mars ...

Dark Steel!!, mars .

Tool : Zbrush , MAYA

ArtStation - Sketches, Mustafa Lamrani

Sketches, Mustafa Lamrani

Sketches by Mustafa Lamrani on ArtStation.


Gabriel - Last Man Standing by Marko Ivanovic

3D Fan Art of Gabriel from Dan LuVisi's Last Man Standing.

Bot3 - WIP- by chiaroscuro

Bot3 - WIP- by chiaroscuro on DeviantArt

More of the same. Ive been working on this model off and on again, getting it ready for animation. Fixed a ton of polygon errors, re-rigged it and ran i... Bot3 - WIP-

"SPQR", Valentin Demchenko

Fan art. Inspired by Russian artists - Michail "ProxyGreen" Borulko, Nikolai Yeliseyev and their a series of works.

ArtStation - NEO JAPAN 2202 - Phantoms, Johnson Ting

NEO JAPAN 2202 - Phantoms, Johnson Ting

Another iteration of the character I did previously, you can read about it here: Used a photo as a base from:

ArtStation - Robot with naginata, Ivan Rastrigin

Robot with naginata, Ivan Rastrigin

robot with naginata


sid - 人.工.美 -

warMecha@抓螃蟹的小孩采集到机械(97图)_花瓣极客 - sekigan


Articulated back components -&nbspedward denton Resources and Information.

Articulated back components

ArtStation - Remember Me : Nephilim , Fred Augis

Remember Me : Nephilim , Fred Augis

Remember Me : Nephilim by Fred Augis on ArtStation.

Biomech Hazard.