Guess the Hidden Shape

Move the magnifying glass around and work out the hidden shape.' A great opportunity to discuss shape properties.

Toy Repair Man

This is an interactive resource. The toy repair man is a companion activity to Toy Stories. Help him repair each toy with the appropriate tool.<br /> <br /> Note: This is a Flash activity and may not work on all devices and browsers. We recommend IE.

Shape Curtain: guess the name of the shape as the curtain opens

The curtain gradually opens revealing one of 6 common shapes - can pupils work out which is it?

What's the Weather?

Have fun reporting today's weather by choosing the sky color, cloud cover, precipitation, wind, and suggested clothing to match today's conditions.

Comparing Jungle Animals (Length)

Comparing Length with Animals

Comparing Animal Weights

A simple activity to compare weights and sizes of animals.

Three Bears - Going Out

An activity to dress the Three Bears using size language to compare.