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Preschool Letter H

Draw a letter on a pin board and have children push the pins in correct order to form the letters. (Could write numbers and even draw arrows to show letter formation sequence.) Great for fine motor skill development, but also for remembering the path of motion for each letter.


Improve Writing with QR CODES

Improve Writing with QR CODES: This blog post includes step by step directions along with a video tutorial on how to implement QR codes to motivate your students to provide quality writing assignments.


Mark-making roll.We do this in class and it inspires brilliant pictures and mark making!


Alistair Bryce-Clegg on

'The day the crayons quit' - Literacy lesson inspired by the book. Read the text to the class. Get the children to start to reflect with the crayons issues. Do you understand why they feel like that? End piece of work is writing a reply back to a chosen colour, persuading them that you understand their issues and what you will do differently.

story map -- draw a path down the middle of a large sheet of bulletin board paper. At one end of the path, write "Once upon a time" & at the other end write "The End" > walk down the path and retell the story

Emergent writing visual with explanation. great explanation for parents now I need to find it in printable form for parents.