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Chorley Cakes, recipe at the excellent Butcher, Baker, cakes, bakes and geekiness. Cooked for Horizon Scanning event, bit of a Martin Keown of an effort on my part. Varied recipe with Orange Zest, Lemon Zest, 1 dessert spoon of dark Muscavado, 1 dessert spoon of light Muscavado. Lost the egg from the filling.


King Prawn and Sweet Chilli Ravioli -The danger of being around to see daytime TV is that you get inspired to cook something. This is my vague memory of something I saw the other day recipe is basically a packet of raw king prawns whizzed into a mousse, a bunch of scallions added, a dash of sweet chilli sauce, a tablespoon of double cream, an egg and a bit of black pepper. Cheated on the pasta bit 'cos I can't locate the pasta maker so bought some wonton skins the other day.


Lemon drizzle cake

Traditional cook, think I add a bit more lemon than the recipe asks for but you can never have enough lemon!


Cal decided he wanted to cook a pizza from scratch over the weekend. We used the Jamie Oliver Pizza Dough recipe for the base, slow roasted some tomatoes with a copious amount of garlic, added a couple of chillis, a splash of balsamic vinigar, a couple of cloves of black garlic (keeps the vampires at bay dontcha know) for the sauce. Tore up a mozzarella, added some palma ham, milano salami and tandoori chicken. Job was a good'un and Cal enjoyed the cooking.