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3D printed headphones holder

Image of Keff's Weeping Skeleton Vampire Mummy Earphone Winder - Thingiverse

ear bud holder so your chord doesn't get all tangled !    Also, http://www.ebay.ca/itm/EARPHONE-HEADPHONE-EARBUD-EARPHONES-CORD-HOLDER-CLIP-IPOD-TOUCH-NANO-NEW-/350605543087?pt=US_Headphones=item51a1b806af

Cheap supply cable, Buy Quality organizer holder directly from China supplies party Suppliers: Event & Party Supplies Small gift Fish Bone Earphone Cable Winder Headphone Cord Wire Wrap Holder Organizer

Wood Earbud Holder / Earphone Organizer  $27 -  Simply thread your buds through the hole in the middle  wrap the cord around like a yo yo. When you're ready to use them, hold onto the plug  drop the bud holder. You buds will unwind in seconds  w/ no tangles in the cord. Meticulously crafted from Cherry, this elegant ear bud holder is a must have for any ear bud user.

Mitch Hall is a web designer/software engineer, who works as a craftsman in his spare time. We particularly liked his awesome wooden earphone holders, which are