Green Organic Specialty Tea

Welcome to our world of Specialitea!
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Green Machetea - This green tea that resembles miniature green machetes is packed with anti-oxidants. The Green Machetea itself helps in getting rid of any potential acidity after a particularly heavy and spice meal. An actual weapon to keep you in good health.

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Green Showers - This tea resembles a heavily laden monsoon cloud and is very unlike any other green tea. As with most green teas that are non-oxidised, this tea is partially oxidized or semi-oxidised, thus categorizing it as an Oolong tea.

Green Tranquilitea - This tea is so named as it is guaranteed to bring a smile back on your face, especially after a long day’s work. Due to our unique manufacturing process, this tea has a unique “peaty” flavor to it and is savored by single malt connoisseurs.

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