WildBorneo Expeditions

WildBorneo Expeditions

A group of dedicated individuals sourcing out the best locations in Borneo. Outdoor education, adventure travel and travel advice service provider.
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Kinabatangan River eco camp, Borneo

Borneo, booked our tickets for October 2014...got to figure out what to do for 10 days. Love exploring the globe.

Borneo Seed Basket | Iban Dayak, Kalimantan | Rattan, natural dyes, wood | 19th-early 20th century

Ajat basket, Penan people. Borneo 20th century, 20 (cm) diameter by 30 (cm) height. Photograph by D Dunlop. From the library of WikiMechanics.org.

Under the sea - Seafan with school of silvery fish, Mayne Rock, West Coast of Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Malaysian Dangah Anyit, believed to be 80, sits in Sungai Asap village, in the upriver area in the interior of state of Sarawak on the Borneo island, on December 10, 2003. Dangah belongs to Kenyah, a former headhunting tribe, said to be descendants of Bornean aborigines. The Kenyah, an "orang ulu", a phrase literally means "upriver people", live in a village consists of a 400-yard longhouse built on piles, with a row of family rooms at the back and a wide covered veranda that serves as a…