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Cosmetic studio

Run by Dr Vivekananda Bhat is the oldest clinic in the Bangalore city offering premium cosmetic, aesthetics and hair transplant treatments to Indian and overseas clients.
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Perfectly contoured arms are something every woman dreams of. Presently, it doesn’t seem like such a distant dream anymore. Advanced body sculpting services like vaser liposuction help remove body fat, and promise amazing results.


Anti Aging as a concept is one where do not make you look younger but help you to maintain this look further down passage of time, so you will be able to freeze aging as and when you do start, it involves reducing wrinkles, fine lines and tightening the skin ,reduction of double chin and giving you a better jaw line.


A surgical face lift is one of the maximum comprehensive approaches you may achieve this. In this process, docs looks after the visible signs of growing old, consisting of wrinkles and baggy bits of skin. Face lift can range from easy, non-invasive ‘lunchtime’ strategies to more complicated surgical face jobs.

A thread facelift is a convenient, less invasive alternative to traditional face-lifts, designed for people experiencing early signs of aging, such as minor facial sagging.

Suffering from hair loss is not a nice thing especially at a young age,then comes the challenge of how one needs to get the hair back, the obvious choice is lots of options one finds online.

Hair loss, a major problem for every individual due to several health issues. It can cause mental illness, stress and lower your confidence. Dr.Vivekananda bhat is a famous doctor, specialized in dermatology and tricology and gives the best solutions for hair loss treatment in Bangalore.

Two thirds of men lose most of their hair after 60, that’s just the way things are. Male pattern baldness, or alopecia, is a receding hairline brought about by an excess of androgens or by genetic factors. Balding usually starts with the hairline receding into an ‘M’, or with a loss in thickness at the vertex.

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Acne scars are one of the common problem which affects 70 % of the teenagers. Acne scar treatment can be treated by using the non invasive laser technology which also delivers the rapid, reliable with less pain and less downtime. #AcneScarRemoval #AcneScar #SkinCare #AcneTreatment #HowToClearAcne

Hair loss is one of the main problem in an individual life. It is quite normal to lose 100 hairs a day but an individual suffering from heavy hair loss may be due to many reasons like wrong lifestyle, genetic reasons and inadequate diet.