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These 9 home decor charts are THE BEST! I'm so glad I found this! These have seriously helped me redecorate my rooms and make them look AMAZING! So pinning this!

How to Choose a Colour Scheme (When You're Not a Designer) 9 Graphs That Will turn You into an Interior Decorating Genius

Neil Gaiman - Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman wisdom, Make Good Art. Quote beautifully depicted by ZenPencils.

An infographic on the meanings behind different colours and how this can affect your marketing.

Interesting Infographic from Tailwind: The meaning of color in marketing or in this case Fashion Merchandising and marketing, colors are important to display something eye catching.

When It Comes to Branding, It's All About Color (Infographic) |

From concept to colour to rollout, there’s much to consider when boiling your brand down to a single emblem. No branding tool is more powerful than colour. Contact Brand On for great Branding advice.

What do colors mean? We've put together a quick guide to coloring your logos, buttons & life!

~Psychology of Colours! ~ The impact of colors for business. Colors brands use for their branding, and the emotions the colors cause. Colors to buy. Originally pinned by Phillips Zahtz

#Colors in Marketing and Advertising. Using Your Favorite Colors In #Marketing Could Be Killing Your Business

The Importance Of Color Choice In Marketing colors business infographic marketing promoting business tips marketing tip marketing tips