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Stylish room dividers can spark creativity in your office space.
Diy Room DividerDivider Ideas

Room dividers can marry style with functionality in your office space | WindowArt

Room dividers are an excellent option to create the work spaces you need.

Consider these creative sandblasting tips for maximising natural light.

Creative sandblasting tips for maximising natural light | WindowArt

Creative sandblasting has gained popularity in recent years and has become an art form. It is even offered at some design schools and artists who choose this medium have gained fame for their work.

Three things to consider before opting for sandblasted glass | WindowArt

Sandblasted glass and frosted window decals are both fuss-free as opposed to curtains or blinds. However, the finish of sandblasted glass is rough in texture.

Three awesome ways to use window tinting in your home | WindowArt

Window tinting can be achieved with coloured glass film, stained glass, glass etching or frosted window vinyl. With summertime just around the corner, window tinting may just be the ideal way to update your home’s style while maximising sunlight.

How to frost glass without using glass etching | WindowArt

While renovations and add-ons are a no-no in a rental home, there are elements in interior design that offer a temporary solution. Frosted window detail is one such solution. The permanent solution to frosted windows is using the method of glass etching whilst the temporary solution is the use of window vinyl decals that have a frosted appearance.

Modern Office Design

Vinyl decals complement modern office design | WindowArt

Modern office design is all about chic, creative, functional spaces. Thanks to the application of frosted vinyl decals, this large glass door ticks all three boxes.

Vinyl decals create the classic look of sandblasting designs | WindowArt

Sandblasting designs have long been popular with interior decorators and homeowners for their chic, creative look. However, while sandblasting designs are beautiful to look at, they do unfortunately come with certain downfalls

Is sandblasting on glass the right choice for your home? | WindowArt

At the most basic level, the point of having windows is to allow natural light to flow into your home while still ensuring that you are safe and secure.

We love the level of detail used in this frosted vinyl butterfly design

Decorative frosted vinyl decal replaces glass sandblasting | WindowArt

This frosted vinyl decal is a perfect example of how frosted window vinyl can be both functional and decorative.

Frosted window vinyl allows you to create beautiful mirror art

How to incorporate mirror art into your home décor | WindowArt

Incorporate mirror art into your home decor plans

Say it with vinyl: here’s how to incorporate vinyl lettering into your décor scheme

How to incorporate vinyl lettering into your décor scheme | WindowArt

Incorporating vinyl lettering into your decor scheme

Here’s why you should visit this year’s Homemakers

Here’s why you should visit this year’s Homemakers Expo | WindowArt

Don't miss this years Homemakers Expo in Gauteng

The chic look of glass doors is popular in contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design ideas: glass doors | WindowArt

Contemporary interior design embraces the use of architectural and ornamental glass in many aspects. Doors are no exception.

Window vinyl achieves the same frosted look of sandblasting on glass, without the installation safety risks.

Why sandblasting on glass may not be the best option for your renovation plans | WindowArt

Sandblasting on glass carries safety risks associated with both on-site and off-site installation.

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Sleek & elegant look that frosted window vinyl gives you, as well as other affordable options to smart glass


Window Art's blog for the latest Industry news and deals around Home and Office decor, green living and Window frosting.