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a room with a black marble counter top and a lamp on the wall next to it
a glass block sitting on top of a table next to a wall covered in lights
Fei Ultralounge, W Hotel Guangzhou | IndesignLive
an automatic toilet in a public bathroom stall
an empty hallway leading to another room with lights on either side and the floor in between
DINZ德网 | 栋三尺 · 墨舞朱华,唐韵奢雅
DINZ德网 | 栋三尺 · 墨舞朱华,唐韵奢雅
an empty hallway with lights on either side
people are walking through the lobby of an office building with marble walls and flooring
an elevator with marble walls and doors
an empty hallway with a blue and brown wall hanging on the wall next to it
2023年度轻奢入围 | 南昌保利琅悦
an empty room with a red carpet and some white cupboards on either side of the door
a black and white photo of a urinal in a public restroom with marble flooring
an empty room with three elevators in it
InterContinental Shanghai Harbour City