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Interviews of featured authors on Writersmelon.
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Vikrant Khanna, author of 'Love Lasts Forever'. Interviewed by Geeta Nair

1 Author Interview : Vikrant Khanna

Upendra Namburi, author of 60 Minutes. Interviewed by Anusha Judith. Author Interview : Upendra Namburi

Author Interview : Madhuri Banerjee

TGC Prasad, author of 'The Last Ten Per Cent' (Interviewed by Prankky)

Author Interview : TGC Prasad

Sonia Golani, author of Decoding Bollywood (Interviewed by M) Author Interview : Sonia Golani

Nimish Tanna, author of Moments of Truth (Interviewed by Namrata) Author Interview : Nimish Tanna

Arnab Ray, author of Yatrik (Interviewed by PRB) Author Interview : Arnab Ray

Avis Viswanathan, author of Fall Like A Rose Petal (Interviewed by Prankky) Author Interview : Avis Viswanathan

Aruna Nambiar, author of Mango Cheeks Metal Teeth (Interviewed by M) Author Interview : Aruna Nambiar

R V Raman, author of Fraudster (Interviewed by Geeta Nair) Author Interview : R V Raman