The fire of london

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Anwen Woo
Erected in 1599, The Globe was London’s first theater built by and for actors. This is the reconstruction - Shakespeare's Globe.

Erected in 1599, The Globe was London’s first theater built by and for actors. This is the reconstruction - Shakespeare's Globe.

The George Pub, Fleet Street, London, is the only wooden building to survive the Great Fire of London in 1666.


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Great Fire of London

Discover London through history

Probably the most famous disaster in its history, the Great Fire of London shaped the city we know today. Here are the facts via a handy infographic!

Old Street Plan of London Bridge showing both sides of the river Pre Great fire of London of 1666 - Courtesy Peter Roberts.

London Bridge

An Article from The Music Hall and Theatre History Website dedicated to Arthur Lloyd 1839 - 1904

Looks like a cereal box or similar, painted white, with a sheet of black paper as the roof and coloured tissue paper glued on for flames.

Pudding Lane Models

We’ve been making models of Pudding Lane as part of learning about the Great Fire of London. Here are some photos of our work.

Sequence activity, time lines, Great Fire of London

Timeline cards

Assemble these cards to create a timeline of the key events of the Great Fire of London.

Make baker's hats using paper, and a good quality paper napkin or paper towel as the top. Add their name too.

Dramatic Play Bakery Fun at Trinity Preschool

In all of our classrooms during the month of December we set up our dramatic corners at bakery centers. We tend to not put an overemphasis on holidays at our school, we don't use holidays as our main theme or focus, so for us, having a bakery is a good way to tie in Christmas. One of our classrooms uses this store front type of set up , but the other two rooms use a puppet theater as the bakery store front. We give the children some props for baking as well as for running the bakery store…

An interactive PowerPoint about the Great Fire of London.

Great Fire of London

An interactive PowerPoint about the Great Fire of London.

Historical Cookbook - includes all sorts of interesting historical recipes updated for kids to cook.

Fire of London Cakes recipe - Cookit!

Cookit is a searchable, growing database of recipes and video podcasts, including cooking methods, equipment guides, a glossary, favourite school dinners, lesson plans for teachers, a recipe calendar, activities and a history cookbook showing recipes and cooking methods since prehistoric times. You can also submit your own recipes to the site.

Idea for interactive poetry display. Children engage with the story of the Great Fire

London - Entertainment - The Great Fire of 1666

A new exhibition relights the most famous disaster in London's history. See more in pictures...

Bakery role-play, use play doh and let kids add buttons, fake flowers, etc. Use cookie cutters, and silicon cupcake liners etc.

Bakery role-play

I needed an activity last week that would keep both the little ones entertained and the older children that are off on school holidays. ...

Miss Lynch's Class: Great Fire of London Pudding Lane Bakery Role Play

Miss Lynch's Class

These last couple of weeks have been a bit manic - I'm also meant to be writing my master's dissertation at the moment, but I am (unfortunately) the queen of procrastination and updating my blog is far more interesting to do! So the last couple of weeks our literacy focus has been information texts; We made an anchor chart as a class - the children had a variety of non-fictions texts to look at and we discussed all of their features and added them to some large paper - it's really helped…