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Collision Repair Los Angeles

One of the most critical repair works we do is on the frame or the inner structure of the car. It is important to bear in mind that vehicles differ in their frame structures. Pickup trucks, for instance, have a heavy duty bolted steel frame which is built in several separate pieces. Many cars, on the other hand, have frames made with HSS (or High Strength Steel), and have more complex requirements.
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World Auto Body & Paint wants to earn your business for life! Our work sets us aside from others and our success comes from the work we provide. Unlike other #BodyShopsInLosAngeles. we offer warranty with all of the cars we repair.


World Auto Body & Paint has just been taken over by a new team of owners! We loved what #WorldAutoBodyinLosAngeles. had and we wanted to be a part of it, so we revamped the logo & the website to make it easy for our customers and we keep trying to make things better! Let us know if you have any suggestions.


Our employees have been trained not to make excuses or pass the buck, but to take full responsibility for their actions, while staying true to the core values of the organization. We offer the best learning and career opportunities to our employees, and create a healthy and nurturing environment for them to thrive in.

#WorldAutoBodyShop. works very hard at creating and maintaining an organizational culture that rewards talent and attracts highly talented employees. We ensure that we retain our best people by empowering them and giving them more responsibilities to handle at every stage.

Body repair on a vehicle requires years of experience for it to look the same way it was prior to the accident after the repairs. A skilled technician completes the work with a perfect OEM fit.