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someone is drawing on the floor with colored paper
Pongal special kolam...11 to 5 dots.. sankranthi muggulu.. margazhi kolams
an artistic drawing with flowers and birds on it's back side, in white paper
pongal pot kolam with 12 to 4 dots.. sankranti chukkala muggulu.. simple and easy rangolies..
a wooden table with flowers painted on it
Danuramasam special Rangoli designs only (11*6) dots // Sakranthi Muggulu //
the table is decorated with pink flowers and green leaves on it's sides, along with other decorations
Pongal Special Kolam Designs/Bhogi kundalu muggulu/Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu/pongal rangoli design
a wooden table topped with a white and pink flowered design on top of it
Easy rose flower design Rangoli (7×4) dot's...
this is an image of a flower design on the ground with leaves and flowers painted on it
Simple// and easy Vara Lakshmi vartham special Rangoli వర లక్ష్మి వ్రతము ముగ్గులు {9×5} Dot's......
a wooden table topped with lots of flowers on top of it's surface,
Sankarthi chukkala muggulu (13×7) dot's..beautiful flower design rangoli
someone is making a colorful rangdi on the table
pongal special rangoli 13×7 dots....
a wooden table topped with lots of different colored rangolii designs on it's surface
Pongal special rangoli 11×6 dots...
a vase with flowers and palm trees in the center on a black background stock illustration
Pongal Pot Kolam #18 ☆ Sankranthi Muggulu ☆ Festival Rangoli ☆ Pongal Kolam ☆ Easy & Simple Rangoli
a happy new year sign with two peacocks on it and leaves in the middle
2021 New Year Special Rangoli (7*4) dot's // New Year kolams //
a sign that says happy pongai on the side of a wooden wall with an ornamental design
Beautiful Rangoli Design For Sankranthi | Bhogi Kunda Muggu For Sankranthi |Kolam Design For Pongal
someone is doing an art project on the floor
Pongal Pot Rangoli 2021 | 9 Dots Sankrankranthi Special Muggulu 2021 | Pongal Rangoli WIth Dots