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Big Bang Theory Funny | funny big bang theory sheldon cooper quotes

I hate when people overuse the word "literally" too, sheldon. <--- And I hate it when people misuse the word overuse instead of misuse.

Awesomeness = Bacon, eggs, cheese and toast all baked together in a cup! I love this! Monica from Lick The Bowl Good made these in a ramekin, but if you don’t have any of those handy, she also suggested trying them in a muffin tin. They are both virtually the same size. Go pay her a visit for the cooking instructions. You will love all of her unique recipes and food ideas!

Muffin Tin Recipes recipes food food 2 📌 I have been making a muffin-tin toast & egg since the late and my kids loved it 💖. Later, I began adding pre-cooked meats such as sausage ! A full breakfast for any age!

Who knew Birmingham had it in them to get a Michelin star ?

Michelin starred restaurant Simpsons sources their food from the finest suppliers in the Midlands. They love to experiment with new flavours, texture and flavour combinations, pride themselves on creating the perfect seasonal dishes.