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No need to worry if you have sent email mistakenly to a wrong person. Recall Mail in Xgenplus

2 | They Can't Delete Your Emails - XGenPlus - ProRev | On the ProRev Crosshair: XGenPlus XGenPlus is an E-mail server at its core, but it is efficiency and integration-oriented. It has a giant list of features, including Scheduling Integration (Reminders and Scheduled Mailing), Categorization (Folders, Categories), Group Emailing, Delivery Report, Read Receipt, IM, Blocking of Mail addresses, Advance Forwarding, Public-Private key cryptography system, Calendar and…


How To Get Free Domain Name

Get free domain in your own language. Just follow the steps as shown in the video and learn how to register free Internationalized name in your native languages like. (Hindi,Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu). Which means you can own your domain name as इनफार्मेशनटेक्नोलॉजी.भारत for your organization name information technology. Our objective is to create enabling technology for promotion of content in regional languages in local languages as envisaged by the…

XgenPlus supporting India's Prime Minister mission of Digital . India with .भारत domain email address .For more details visit:

World's first IDN service provider. Now with XgenPlus get your email address in your native languages. Must Watch this video