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Granite paving slabs are usually used for paving the outdoor space like the patio or the driveway. Used for its high durability and state-of-art appeal, the granite paving slabs of China have become very popular in Asia and Eastern Europe.

At BST xiamenmarblegranite, we have one of the largest collections of superior quality #ChinaGranite in varying shades to meet all your construction needs. We have a large inventory as well as ready stock to meet all quantity needs and are a leading supplier to almost every major country of the world.

The company offers prefabricated and customized granite countertops, marble counter tops and other stone countertops including slate kitchen countertop for different applications.

One of the most popular products of China Granite is just that. The right kind of granite can stand the test of time. One other advantage of Granite is that it requires very little maintenance and gets back into shape with minimal fuss.

There are many places in a building that can be made beautiful by using natural stone products such as China Granite. It can be used for both interior and exterior decorations of prestigious buildings, monuments and other types of structures.

You will get the #Monuments in your design and the company will match the quality of the stone with the engravings or letterings in any language of your choice.