Vintage - Fisher Price Activity center This little device allowed me to get extra "winks" when my son was small and still in his crib. Nothing beats a "busy box"!

I still have this, nieces love it

old school fisher-price dr kit. I had (have) this, and now my son plays with it all the time!

I loved being a Brownie

Brownie Guide Handbook - Late early Many good memories of being in the brownies. I was a Sprite!


Wizbit: ha ha this-a-way, ha ha that-a-way.ha ha this-a-way my oh my

The Body shops Dewberry perfume - we used to love this - it just had to be dewberry in the 90's!

Makes me think of spending hours in The Body shop, Leicester, spraying Dewberry and White Musk.They were the days!

Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish. I loved these books, gonna have to get on Ebay and find them

Penelope Strawberry and Roger Radish. The Garden Gang books were awesome - I wish they were still in print.

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Jamie and the Magic Torch


So……how many of you can remember the View-Master? I can’t because it was before my time. I remember being a little girl and quite fascinated by the view-master. I could travel the world sitting on the sofa and not having.

Saved By The Bell! True story: my sister played Jesse's sister in a couple of episode's!

Whatever Happened to Kelly and Jessie?: TV’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries