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James Hudson Jr. (Earth-1610)/Gallery
the cover to old man logan 1
Current Comic Book Art!
an image of a man with red hair and blue eyes in a comic style scene
Raze, Stuart Immonen, Marte Garcia
an image of a cartoon character holding a light saber
Batman, Xmen
an image of wolverine in the midst of a fire and rocks background with flames coming from it
Marvel Comics' September 2018 Solicitations
Wolverine is back, Spidergeddon inches closer, the Asgardians of the Galaxy form and more in Marvel's September releases.
the wolverine is crouching down with his hands on his hips
Wolverine (Age of Apocalypse) by JoseRealArt on DeviantArt
an image of two men fighting with each other
a woman in yellow and black outfit holding two swords over her head while standing on a tree branch
All-New Wolverine by Jeremy Roberts
an image of a man with blood on his body
X-Men Wiki
an image of a batman flying through the air
Wolverine - James Howlett (Earth-666)
an image of a woman in the comics
Comics and nothin' but: Photo
Comics and nothin' but — Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex #2 (2018) pencil by...